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Reseller Hosting E-Commerce


BlueGenesis has spent a great amount of money and effort to make our E-commerce solution Easy and Powerful.  We provide both FREE bundled applications and tools as well as best of breed third party provider applications.  All are structured into the platform for seamless integration accessible through the WebSite OS Control Panel where you  view and configure your e-commerce functionality. 

You decide your needs based upon your business objectives and preferences.  For a quick tour of E-commerce terms click and review the E-Commerce 101 list of terms.  For further help and advise contact us at


What do you need to set up E-commerce ?

Listed below are five simplified step decisions required to set up your e-commerce site.

Select and Set up a:

1.      Hosting Plan

2.      Shopping Cart Program

3.      Bank Merchant Account

4.      Payment Gateway Provider

5.      Vanity SSL Certificate or a Shared Certificate

1.  Hosting Plan

       View and select an appropriate BlueGenesis Hosting Plan.  You will need at least a Bronze plan which includes 

       EasyStoreMaker shopping cart software or the Silver plan if you require the EasyStoreMaker Pro version.

       Click to review, select and order:  Hosting Plans and Pricing


2.  Shopping Cart Program       

       BlueGenesis offers three Shopping Cart options for your review. The fist two being the FREE bundled  

       EasyStoreMaker versions included with your Hosting service. The third being a best of breed application which  

       integrates with the BlueGenesis platform


       A. EasyStoreMaker and EasyStoreMaker Pro


           This robust E-commerce solution, developed by BlueGenesis and offered for FREE with select Hosting Plans.

           EasyStoreMaker is a reliable, feature rich, advanced e-store application and a tremendous low cost E-    

           commerce solution.


       B. ProStores      

BlueGenesis has completed an exhaustive product search for third party shopping cart applications. Our

product specialists have determined that ProStores is far and away ahead of their competitors.  BlueGenesis

has selected ProStores as the recommended Shopping Cart software. Other software packages will work

with our application, however, we believe ProStores to be the best of the best.


3.  Bank Merchant Account

        Most banks offer E-commerce Merchant accounts. Contact your bank to discuss your needs. 


4.  Payment Gateway Provider

       BlueGenesis integrates with a number of the most popular Payment Gateway Providers.  All can be easily

       configured and enabled on the BlueGenesis platform. You must discuss your needs with each and select the one

       which provides you with the most suitable solution.

5.  Vanity SSL Certificate or a Shared Certificate

       BlueGenesis offers you the use of a Shared SSL certificate FREE with a Silver or above hosting plan.  Using this

       shared certificate reduces the cost for you to set up and run your e-commerce site. 



If you have additional E-commerce questions contact us at 1-800-266-4881.

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